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Made in Sweden

Assar Thomasson started a plumbing company in Marbäck in 1951. Like most plumbers, he considered different ways of improving and developing the products within the industry. The result was the company BT-ventiler, which manufactured the so-called vacuum clip valve that prevented drips from the injectors in oil burners. Another product was Termoshunt, which used bimetal regulation of the supply temperature, and was controlled by a liquid-filled bulb placed outdoors.
In 1981 Termoventiler AB was established with the aim of developing and selling valves and automatic controls for accumulating heating systems under the trademarks Laddomat® and Thermomatic.

After running the company successfully, Assar Thomasson retired and handed over to his son Anders who further developed the company and the products. In 1998 the operations moved to purpose-built premises in Marbäck in the beautiful Ulricehamn Municipality, where all the company's products are manufactured.

In 2006, Anders Thomasson sold the company to the Pomona Group – a strong and long-term industrial owner that is owned by the Rapp family.

From 2017, Termoventiler is a part of a new company family, Debe Flow Group, with the same strong owners as us, namely the Pomona Group. This is a natural step for Termoventiler, as the company over the last years has developed from being a component supplier to also act as a system supplier in waterborne heating systems. This segment is closely related to the area which Debe Flow Group is working in today. Debe Flow Group is a swedish company that manufactures pumps and services for geo-energy and water wells.

Termoventiler is very well equipped to meet the future, both in terms of financial position and product development. Together with Debe Flow Group we can now make Termoventiler reach new levels.

Termoventiler now employs about 15 employees in Sweden, and also own an affiliate company in Germany – TV Termoventiler GmbH. We manufacture our products in nice and purpose-built premises, which has been enlarged over the last years to be able to accomodate the expansion that the company is in. We are represented in several countries through agents and boiler manufacturers who use our products.

Termoventiler AB is represented
in the following countries:

Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, USA and Belarus.