Laddomat MR 10

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Laddomat MR 10 is a burner control for batch charging of a tank or tanks.


  • Sys 10 – Burner control. To control starting/stopping burners (e.g. oil or pellets) for batch charging of the tank(s). This provides long operation times and fewer starts/stops of the burner.

Sensors that are not used for control can be used for temperature reading in a separate menu

Scope of delivery:

  • Laddomat MR, complete.
  • Thermal charging unit Laddomat 11-30 or Laddomat 11-200, with pump and ball valves.
  • 2 x 3-bulb submersible tubes for bulbs with D=6 mm. R15, L=150 mm.
  • 3 x sensor holders and hose ties for pipe fitting.

Function Sys10

The burner starts when the sensor at the top of the tank becomes cold and stops when the sensor at the bottom of the tank is hot. The charging pump starts when the sensor in the boiler heats up, or directly when the burner starts, so-called "constant" operation.