Laddomatic M120

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Laddomatic M120 is a complete charging unit with motorised control of the return temperature to biofuel boilers. The charging unit is based on our renowned and reliable Laddomat 21-100.

  • Laddomatic M120 is easy to install and is designed to keep a precisely set return temperature to the boiler. This protects the boiler against corrosion and tar formation, which extends the service life of the boiler.
  • The charging unit increases the boiler's efficiency by rapidly ensuring that the correct operating temperature is reached.
  • The accumulator tank is charged at a low flow in order to ensure that perfect separation is achieved.
  • Our Thermomatic range ensures precision control.
  • Integrated non-return valve for self-circulation in the final phase of the firing and during, for example, a power failure.
  • EPP-insulation is standard.

Technical data

Pump: 7.5 m
Connections: R32, R40, R50
Flow characteristics: Linear / Kvs ~16
Max. boiler output: 120 kW (see diagram)
Actuator: Thermomatic TVM
Thermomatic CC