Mixing valves TV 4BIV

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TV 4BIV are brass bivalent mixing valves for control of heating or cooling applications.

TV 4BIV are used to take heat from two different levels in an accumulator tank, or from two different heat sources. The valves are fitted with a wheel for manual mixing but can easily – and with advantage – be motorised, e.g. with our Thermomatic controls. All of the connection examples can be reversed. The scale is graded on both sides, and can also be reversed. All important parts can easily be replaced.

Our mixing valves can be supplied with the following connections and Kvs values.


  • R15 / 1⁄2” Rp and G
  • R20 / 3⁄4” Rp and G
  • R25 / 1” Rp and G
  • Cu22
  • Cu28

Pump flange R40 / 1 1⁄2” Rp can be pre-fitted on special order. It is also possible to combine different connection dimensions.

Kvs values:


Technical data

Turning angle: 90°
Pressure class: PN 10
Mediatemperature: max. (continual) +110°C
max. (temporary) +130°C
min. 0°C
Torque (at nominal pressure): 3 Nm
Operating pressure: 1 MPa (10 bar)
Connections: Rp (internal thread), EN 10226-1
G (external thread), ISO 228/1
Cu (compression fit), EN 1254-2